Do you know your Citrix XenApp Zone Data Collector?

Well most of you will say that’s easy, you just go to the Zones and look at the Most Preferred server. That’s wrong, because it shows you only the Data Collector that you have set. Not the actual current Data Collector for that zone.

So how do you know which XenApp Server is actually the current Zone Data Collector? With the Qfarm command you can find out the actual Data Collector. At the end of the line you’ll see D for Data Collector.

When the D appears behind the expected Data Collector, then you are fine. When the D shows up behind the wrong server then your users could have the following problems:

Users are being connected to session that are down or not available.
It takes a lot of time before the users session starts after starting a published application/desktop.

Why is the wrong Data Collector showing?

The Data Collector election goes through the following steps:

  1. Highest IMA version
  2. The election preferences  assigned by the Citrix Administrator
  3. Highest Host ID

The Data Collector election is started every time the IMA services is started. The IMA version can be update due to a hotfix or hotfix rollup pack from Citrix. So make sure that you have all your hotfixes dat upgrade your IMA version are installed on the Data Collector.

How to avoid this problem in the future?

It’s best practice to update your XenApp servers as follow:

  1. Most Preferred Data Collector
  2. Preferred Data Collector (s)
  3. Member Servers

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