Local Apps in Excalibur Tech preview.

On May 27 2011 RES Software confirms that it has signed an agreement with Citrix to license its reverse seamless Windows technology. This technology is already available by using this document from the Citrix site.

Local apps shows up in the Project Avalon Excalibur Technology Preview  document on the following pages 155, 157 and 168. What does that mean? Well for so far as I can tell is that Citrix is able to incorporate all those registry key and configuration file settings in to Studio.  This could mean instead running all the customization’s you can manage them easy from one console? Well I hope so, can’t wait for the Citrix Synergy for the real answers.

I hope Citrix will deliver a good job as RES Software does with their VDX technology. I’m also curios about RES Software’s position about Citrix Local apps.

One thought on “Local Apps in Excalibur Tech preview.

  1. Hi there, and thanks for the commentary and kind words.

    The nature of our agreement with Citrix means that we will continue to work with them around this technology. Their innovations will be integrated into our VDX platform, meaning that RES Software customers will always be getting something over and above what is in the Citrix products.

    Thanks for the interest, Grant Tiller (senior product manager, RES Software)

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