Receiver X1: Customizing the appearances

There are some blogs out there who tell you how to customize the StoreFront X1 website by changing existing files. And I know it works. So if you want to do it the quick and easy then I suggest you to stop reading and start using your favorite search engine. Keep in mind that you could lose your changes after an upgrade. Are you are still here? Let’s see what Citrix has built-in the Receiver X1.

Receiver X1 Built-in customization

Citrix has created some built-in customization. The customizations are based on three types:

  1. Set Website Type
  2. Customize Website Appearance
  3. Manage Featured Apps

All three options have their own way to change the layout of the Receveir for Web website.

Set Website Type

With the Receiver X1 you can choose between website types. Default is set to Receiver X1. But you can still recert back to the Receiver for Web. For your reverence it’s the Green Bubble theme. This is how you can choose between the two website types:

  1. Go to Receiver for Web;
  2. Select Set Website Type;
  3. Choose the desired Website type (Receiver X1 is the default site).

WebSite Type

When you choose to use the Receiver for Web – Classic the options for Customize Website Appearance and Manage Featured Apps will no longer be available.

Customize Website Appearance

When you choose for Receiver X1 you have the option to change the logo from Citrix Receiver to your company logo and change colors. The preview pane wil show final results. After clicking on OK you only need to refresh the webpage.

Receiver X1 - Customize Website Appearance

Manage Featured Apps

With Featured Apps you are able to create sections with in the Receiver X1 website. Featured Apps is a quick way to let users find the right applications with browsing or searching.

Receiver X1 - Create Featured App Group

 By choosing a background style you can differentiate the App Group’s. The Receiver X1 has nine styles.

Receiver X1 - Backgrond Style

You have three options to add applications to the Featured Apps. Each way represent a search option to find applications with in de XenDesktop/XenApp Datastore.

Resceiver X1 - Application Group

Receiver X1 Advanced customization

Citrix has given us with the Receiver X1 more tools to customize the Store for Web using the wizard. Is that enoug? Not from my perspective. What a lot of my customers want is to change background of the login page. Even the background the application page. So let’s start with the advanced stuff.

The Contrib folder

With StoreFront 2.6 and older you can edit the background by making changes to the custom.styles.css file. The file can be found in the following directory: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb\contrib. For details how to make changes to Store Front 2.6 go to

I started to make changes to the and adding pictures to the directory: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb\contrib folder. Without any luck. The changes only applied when I changed my Website Type from Receiver X1 to Receiver for Web.

The Custom Folder

After investigation I found out that Receiver X1 uses the directory C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb\Custom for all the customizations. I found it out by opening the Cusomize Website Appearance wizard. After making the changes the file location changed to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb\Custom. Here you need to change the file named style.css. The file is build up from two sections:

  1. Managed section
  2. Unmanaged section

Managed section
The managed section contains all the changes made using the Receiver X1 built-in customization. Don’t make any changes here. If you want to make any changes use the Wizard.

Unmanaged section
In the unmanaged section you can modify the look and feel of the Receiver for Web site. Here you place your own customization for the Receiver X1 site.

Rebranding the logon screen

Let’s get started with customizing the login page. I’m use a lot of code from the Citrix blog artical Customizing receiver for Web 2.5. It helped me to understand were to look for and how to write CSS code in to the style.css script. I also used XenAppblog to have the right sizes for my background.

Background Image

Those blog’s were a good start but aren’t the solution. Using the Customizing receiver for Web 2.5 solutions didn’t change the background. And with the XenAppblog I needed to replace an existing file. By searching for the file name provided by XenAppBlog in the file C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb\receiver\ctxs.large-ui.min_7DD787AA8C049E49.css I was able to find the solution.

By adding the following code to style.css I was able to change the background of the logon screen:


Make sure that you change the name Your_Background.jpg to match your file name.

Company Logo

To change the Citrix Receiver log by a company logo I have performed the same steps as I did for changing the Background Image.

By adding the following code to style.css I was able to replace the logo:


Other rebranding options

Here are other cool rebranding options you can use to make the site more corporate.

Post-logon background

During my test to change the logon screen I found out that by changing the logon screen, as mentioned in the blog Customizing receiver for Web 2.5, it changed the body of the page post-logon. So the white page with all the icon’s can be customized with Receiver X1.

By adding the following code to style.css I was able to replace the post-logon background picture:

body {

Featured Apps Background style

Don’t want to use on of the nine default background styles? Here is how to change the pictures. Keep in mind that you are not changing the pictures in the Manage Featured Apps list. The first picture is number 1, the second picture is number 2 and so on.

By adding the following code to style.css I was able to replace the Featured Apps Background style:

 background-size:100% 100%;

To wraps things up: You can easily create a nice branded Receiver X1 site without making any changes to existing files. You only need to back-up one simple directory to keep your customization save.

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