What’s not in Project Avalon/Excalibur.

Everybody has a blog what’s in Excalibur. I have found that a lot of stuff is not in the tech preview. So let’s take a look what’s missing. And maybe we can find an answer for it.

Excalibur vs XenApp 6.5:

  • First mayor change is losing the IMA services. I have written an article about that already that you can read here.
  • Shadowing is no longer available, it has been deprecated in favor of Director which uses Microsoft Remote Assistance.
  • There is no Secure Gateway installation software on the media. I think Access Gateway is the only way left.
  • As announced the Web Interface software will not be available. StoreFront is what Citrix wants us to use instead.
  • Power and Capacity Management is no longer on the installation media and no Policy settings can be found. Maybe due to the V-Alliance with Microsoft, SCCM 2012 will be used.

Excalibur vs XenDesktop 5

At this point there is nothing mayor that has changed with the early releases of XenDesktop. Excalibur is in my opinion a next release XenDesktop to support Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.

I can’t wait to see what Citrix has cooked up for us.

One thought on “What’s not in Project Avalon/Excalibur.

  1. Nothing major ……
    Excalibur supports multiple versions of RDS Operating systems, integration of multiple OS’s for both VDI and RDS which is a major change for the better!
    Next to that MCS will now support XenApp which is a major change as well.

    If you can’t wait install the TP:P

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