Immidio FlexProfiles vs RES Software Workspace Manager Express (Part 1)

A customer asked me what the main differences are between Immidio FlexProfiles 7 and RES Software Workspace Manager 2011 Express edition. Because I’m not familiar with the FlexProfiles product from Immidio, I only have seen the demo once. So I wanted to download both  products and compare not only the products them self, but also how you can get it.

Getting the Software from Immidio:

First I went to All the products that they have are nicely outlined on the home page. I click on download (for FlexProfiles) and the first thing that I need to do to get the software is to login or to create an account.

Because it’s my first time I need to create an account. After the account creation I need to wait for an activation e-mail. After the activation I’m automatically logged in and can click on the download button. Then they ask me to confirm my e-mail address? Well basically you can’t use a or You need to fill out you corporate e-mail address to receive a trial license.

Immidio says that you will receive your trial license within two working days. I ordered the license on a Friday, but still nothing on Wednesday. So I send them an e-mail why didn’t receive a trial license. So as a good engineer I called them. Yes my smartphone can also be used for calling people. And received the license instantly.

Getting the software from RES Software:

Now let’s see how easy you can get the software for Workspace Manager Express edition. First we go to Well you can’t find it on the first page. It’s flashy, lot of logo’s but no software. You need to go first to the product page. And then click on the Workspace Manager express link. There on the button Get Started for Free.

Here is there a page where you need to fill in the form and you will instantly get the link to download the product.

Click on the link and start downloading. You need to activate your free unlimited users license after installing the product.

Installing Immidio FlexProfiles 7:

The installation of Immidio FlexProfile is very easy. It’s just a next next finish exercise. You need to have the trial license, otherwise you are unable to complete the installation.

After the installation you will have 3 component installed:

  • Flex Profiles Assistant
  • Flex Profiles Management Console
  • Flex Profiles Self-Support

Installing RES Software Workspace Manager 2011 Express:

Just like the Immidio FlexProfiles installation the RES Software Workspace Manager 2011 is a next next finish exercise. Only you don’t have to enter a license file. A reboot is required to complete the installation.

After the installation you will have 4 components installed:

  • Access Wizard
  • Management Console
  • RES Workspace Manager Help
  • Usage Tracker Viewer


Both products are easy to get by and to install. So no winners at this end.

Website Getting the product Installation
FlexProfiles Easy Easy Easy
Workspace Manager Express Easy Easy Easy


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