Ready to upgrade to Automation Manager 2012?

Soon Automation Manager 2012 is officially available and not any more as a release candidate. A lot of changes have been made again, thanks to the boys and girls at RES Software. Where in the past they just gave us a .WUP file, upgrade and go, we now have to actively check and upgrade the Automation Manager 2011 before we can upgrade to Automation Manager 2012.

Why has RES Software made those changes? Because of upgraded Dispatcher, known as Dispatchers+. I will get back to that role in a future blog.  For now let’s get started and prepare the Automation Manager 2011 so that we can upgrade.

Before we can start updating to Automation Manager, we first have to upgrade our current environment to Automation Manager 2011 SR3. This can be done by download the .WUP file from the RES Software customer support site.

The .WUP file needs to be added to Automation Manager 2011 after the file has been downloaded and saved. This can be achieved by going to  the Components node.

Click on the Update Wizard button to start updating. After finishing the Wizard the console must be restarted before the changes can take effect.  Click on help and about to make sure the update has been successful.

When  .NET Framework 4 is not installed on the Dispatcher, click on Prepare for upgrade & Install .NET Framework 4… to install .NET Framework 4.

We have now prepared Automation Manager 2011 to be upgraded to Automation Manager 2012.

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