RES Software Workspace Manager 2012 announced

Yesterday I was at the RES Software PartnerFocus 2012 in Den Bosch. One of the session they showed Workspace Manager 2012!

One of the cool things that was shown yesterday was: Workspace Manager 2012. During every training of Workspace Manager I get the same question:

  • Why is there no multi select under applications?

  • I want to move my applications to the same application folder at once. And not one by one
  • I’m unable to edit more then one application at the time

Well apparently  RES Software has finally understand, after multiple feature requests (thanks guys), that they have to build it in to there Workspace Manager solution. Now it is here: Multi application select! Are you able to change all the settings at the same time? The answer is no. You can only edit the following settings:

  • Access Control
  • Publishing
  • Intercept

Well lets say it’s a start and hope for the future that we are able to move multiple applications from folder to the next. Instead of one application at the time.


Also shown on the PartnerFocus2012 is the interception option. Let’s say you start an executable from a command line or from the search box of Windows 7. When an application is launched, previous versions of RES Workspace Manager where unable to start the configured application configuration. You have to configure every Workspace Manager 2012 application to intercept the executable.

Or use the multi select option.

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